Monday, August 20, 2012

I will never be the Same - Worldless

Hey people!

Sorry that i haven´t posted aynthing the last weeks, but i had alot to do with university and so on!
Now i got holidays for some months and will give alot new/old/awesome music to you!
I prepared a special for september so keep on!
But now to our real business! Music! Tooday i present you "Worldless". And no "Worldless" is the title and not the Band/artist! "I will never be the same" Thats the band! They are from L.A. and are producing  absolutely amazing Rock/Electronic Rock songs!
I know this song for more than a year now and recently recovered it! And now im listing to it alot....again!
So i decided to share it with you! i hope you enjoy it as much as i do : D
If you liked it check out their soundcloud here!

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  1. Hope university doesn't impact too much, I'm missing your posts! :D