Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vexare - The Clockmaker

Hey People!
today i got some smooth Dubstep for you!
Some kind of Chillstep! Its from "Vexare". He´s a pretty unknown music composer, which mainly produces Dubstep and some other electronic songs. Check out his Soundclould for all his songs, here.
The song im providing you today is one of my favorites of him!
"The Clockmaker"
Its a nice combnation of Dubstep and some chilling parts. It starts very calm and second by second, he adds more and more instruments, rythms, beats etc, till it reaches his climax with an amazing Drop!
U can´t wait any longer? Check it out!

Tell me what you think about it! : D


  1. Chillstep? Haven't heard that before, but it sounds awesome man!

  2. nice - the sound is pretty unique