Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DJ Fresh & Sigma - Lassitude

I´m back with a super smashing Drum and Bass song!
"DJ Fresh & Sigma" are rocking da House with their song "Lassitude"
I know this song for 2 years now and can´t get enough of it! When i was listening to this song on my Ipod, today, at the university, i jsut wondered, why this song is so unpopular! I don´t get it!
It´s still my most favorite Drum and Bass song!
Check it out!  :D


  1. Wow! Amazing song! I love DnB! This is one of my favorite songs now, can´t stop listening to it!

  2. Yeah - Dnb is my vibe! DJ Fresh used to make better tunes then this tho - check out the stuff he used to do with dbridge when they were in Bad Company together - Shot Down on Safari = best DnB LP of ALL TIME!!!