Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dez - Nice&Naughty

Hey People!
Today im back with some nice RnB!
Today i present you "Dez" with his awesome song "Nice&Naughty".
I know this song for 2 years now, but i still love listening to this song, especially when it´s Summer and hot outside! It´s such an chillin song, where u can drift away and just let your body burn in the sun : D etc.
I hope you feel the same!


  1. Never heard of Dez before... You're right the song is really chill, I think it'd be good to play while doing work.

  2. Thats a hot jam.. haven't heard of this guy before, I wonder why? Anyway good stuff man, gonna have to get his album....

  3. I don't overly like RnB, I dunno, not my thing I suppose!