Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zeds Dead - Coffe Break

Listen up!
Zeds Dead is here! Today i got 2 Versions of Zeds Dead's awesome song "Coffee Break".
First Version is "Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Coffee Break". 
In this version Omar LinX adds some nice rap lyrics in this song, which makes into an awesome Dubstep, Rap song!
Check it out:

The second version is Zeds Dead's Original version of Coffee Break! It is a bit longer and haven´t got Omar´s Lyrics. Also worth to hear for the "Dubstep only" fans : D

I run for the bus, dear
While riding I think of us dear
At work I just take time
and all through my coffee break time...

I personally can´t decide which version i like the most! I love them both!
Which version do u prefer?
Also check out the complete mixtape of Zeds Dead and Omar LinX here:


  1. Original version is the one I prefer

  2. Nice tune! Actually: what got me interested was the band's name - anything Tarantino-related is always a plus. Especially Pulp Fiction nods like this.