Monday, May 21, 2012

Left Boy

Hey Guys!

Today i present you, one of the best newcomer this year! Left Boy!
Left Boy´s real name is "Ferdinand Sarnitz". He is born in Austria and currrently living in New York City where he is studying. He created his tracks, videos, beats all of his own.
His songs combines alot of different styles of music! Dubstep, Electro, Rap, Old School etc.

Check out the Video! It is a compilation of his best songs! "VIE" , "Jack Sparrow" , "Survive" , "Video Games" , "I Want to".

You can download all his songs for free here!
Tell me what you think about him and his songs!


  1. Vie is my favorite!
    Did u listen to his new songs?
    You will love them!!

  2. Haven´t listened to anything of Left boy yet, but he rocks! Awesome Best of Mix!