Sunday, April 15, 2012

Korpiklaani - Northern Fall

ROCK ON! For all my Metal Fans!
Today i got some nice "Folk Metal" for you!
It´s "Korpiklaani" I guess all of you know at least their song "Vodka" which is damn awesome!
Today i present you "Northern Fall"! God how i love their use of the Accordion and the Violine.

Check it out for yourself:

The Woods are getting naked
and the weather is getting colder
I can feel this fall deep inside my bones

I hear the call of the birds
they are going to leave us
I wonder how they know their destination

The woods are turnin' colours
the wilderness is shining
the north prepares for winter,
'cause it will be cruel

The birds calling gether
they are going to leave us
I always wonder how they know where to fly

Tell me what you think about it : )


  1. Folk Metal.. strangest combo imaginable.

  2. YES! That's what I'm talking about man! :D
    Korpiklaani \m/ !

  3. I LOVE Metal, but Folk Metal, is on a whole new level. Nice post man!

  4. you should do more metal posts mate! :D

  5. Fuck yeah! Epic. :D IMO, best post yet!

  6. Korpiklaani! Yes! Thats my style!
    This song and Vodka are their best!
    Thanks for getting this song back into my mind : D