Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dr. Deimos

Hey People!
It´s been a while, but im back! With a huge DROP.
Today i have some awesome Dubstep for you!
Dr. Deimos!
Deimos is an American Music Producer who creates alot of Dubstep/Bass Music in his own and unique style!
First i show you his song "The Groove Prophecy" which kinda reminds me of Transformers (yes it got some sort of sounds like the Decepticons or the Transformers in it) and some nice Vocals! Absolutely awesome!

The next song i show you is called "I need a Doctor" and really, after this song you really need a Doctor! This Bass! My ears are just bleeding now....^^
It got an insane Bass and some nice female lyrics! Check it out!

Also check out his other songs if u liked the 2 above!

Tell me what you think about this pretty unknown artist!


  1. i usually like the stuff you always have XD but this time those are not my type

    it sounds good but well on my like is a bit off heh but i am pretty sure there are a lot of ppl that would like friend XD

  2. I LOVE that last one, great vocals there!