Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flo Rida feat. T Pain & LMFAO - Run To You

Flo Rida wants to ‘Run to You’ on a new song featuring T-Pain and LMFAO. Don’t expect any significant musical departures here — the track features beats and the significant style of all three artits.
Over a club-ready beat, Flo Rida raps about hooking up with a girl who’s hot enough to earn his attention. “You already hot, I’m already hot / No sweat, no under armor,” he spits. It seems the rapper already has a girl, but he sings, “You see me all over her, you want me all over you / Soon as I get rid of her, tell me what you gonna do,” before T-Pain delivers the hook, “Somebody gon’ get it in the morning.
LMFAO reference both of their recent hits, ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and ‘Sexy and I Know It,’ in their cheeky verse: “I’m gonna run to you so you can have a little bit of fun with Foo / I know what you wanna do when I wiggle wiggle wiggle in my Underoos / Got you wet, dripping like SoCo / Never should’ve let you bounce on my pogo / Now you wanna be my Yoko Ono.”
All in all i love this song and its definetely gonna be a club smasher this year! Tell me what you think about it!

In addition a picture with all 3 musicians:

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  1. Eh I dislike LMFAO, never really appealed, and the stuff is a bit sameish