Monday, January 2, 2012

Skillrex - Bangarang (Cryptex Reglitcharang)

Hey People!
Happy New Year to all of ma readers/listeners! I wish u the best for this year!

To celebrate this i got some awesome Dubstep/DnB/Glitch or whatever this is called for you! In reality its called Slayer Step^^
Its Skillrex´s new song Bangarang. Its a nice song but Cryptex remixed this track to a new Level!

Check it out and tell me what u think about it!

to compare both here is the normal Version:

In my opinion the special Kick is missin.


  1. well i enjoyed more the normal version, but thats just my opinion, Happy new year for you too

  2. God, I love me some Skrillex <3

  3. I dunno man, I'm not a massive fan of Skrillex

  4. Skrillex is seriously overrated... but I suppose that's true of the vast majority of popular music.